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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  February 23, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PST

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>> good morning, everyone, i'm carolyn tyler, thanks for joining us on this sunday, february 23rd. let's start with a quick first look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. good morning. we still have fog in the city. over in the east bay we are beginning to see sunshine. a move from east to west. but the visibility in livermore definitely not so great at a quarter mile and it's been that way through napa, novato. more fog around hayward, fremont and the half moon bay. within the next hour to two
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hours we will clear out the and see more sunshine at temperatures about noon near 60s. still upper 50s at the coast and by the afternoon we are mild. about above average once again but the strong ridge of high pressure that's been with us all winter long is fading away and we will see a return to winter for the week ahead. the details in a minute. carolyn. >> thank you. in developing news this morning, normal bart service has resumed in the east bay following a train derailment that stopped trains on the bay point-pittsburgh line. an empty train derailed near the station on friday. it impacted service friday evening and all day yesterday east of the pleasant hill station shuttle buses were called in to transport passengers. crews worked overnight to meet mare goal of resuming normal service at 8:00 this morning.
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good news nor everybody. we want to thank people for being patient and helping us get through this. and also the transit partners that pitched in with their buss and made themselves available was kind of a big team effort and we are happy to have service going again. >> the cause of friday's derailment remains under investigation. crews still have repairs to do on the maintenance track burks that will be done during overnight hours. abc7 news has obtained the emergency call made from the bart train operator to his dispatcher moments after the train jumped the tracks. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard has more. >> emergency! emergency! >> please. >> 331, derail. concord. >> a breathless call made by that bart train operator friday night to his dispatcher confirming his train was off the
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rails. >> how do you know you derailed? >> how do you know i derailed? or -- i am almost looking over the edge. >> looking over the edge to the pavement below. the operator, known only as cartwright, sounds panicked when he described events leading up to the derailment. >> crossing over to concord one and it was making weird noises and derailed. >> cartwright needed help. the quick thinking dispatcher is tries to couple the situation. >> the first thing we are going to do is it take a deep breath. confirm the train was swept and there were no passengers on board. >> affirmative. the train was swept and on its way to con today yard. >> help was on the way. the dispatcher makes cartwright a promise. >> how do you doing there? absolutely. i'll buy you a coke when this is all over, okay? >> abc7 news.
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>> happening today, the dalai lama is continuing his visit in the bay area with a series of public events n just a few minutes he is scheduled to hold a public talk at the berkeley community theater. however, not everyone welcomes the dalai lama's visit. protesters have been gathering outside his events them say the dalai lama has denounced the beliefs of those who practice a certain form of boweddism. tomorrow the dalai lama will participate in a talk on the theme of compassion in business at santa clara university. that's at 10:00 a.m. >> oakland police are investigating a fatal shooting on 14th avenue near east 24th street. it happened about three blocks from hyland hospital just before 8:30 last night. police and crime stoppers are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the shooter. >> a warning this morning to dog
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owners in san francisco. someone may be lacing meatballs with rat poison, and it's not the first time. abc7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian has more from crest line drive, the location where the suspicious meatballs are turning up. >> this is how welcome they are. >> it doesn't take long for the lieutenant to find a suspicious meatball along the drive. it was in the bushes. she takes a photo and then bags it as evidence. this makes 31 meatballs. >> the majority we've been locating are pretty well-concealed under the shrubbery, close to the curbside. so the owners would have the first access to them before the owners would ever see it. >> dorothy noticed immediately when her dog, a.j., found a suspicious meatball during the walk. and i pulled him out and i thought, oh, my god, it's the meatballs again. >> it feels like deja vu for her. last july her dog oscar died after eating a meatball laced with strychnine.
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several dogs got stick. no one got caught for the crimes. >> i said, this cannot be happening again. please, dear god, let's not have another trauma. >> twin peaks dog owners are being extra careful while walking their dogs. >> i'm horrified. i mean, who would do that? i mean, it's the cruelest, rudest thing in the world. >> i'm furious because you would take it out on dogs? who would take it out on dogs? >> investigators are still in the process of testing the suspicious meatballs and haven't determined exactly what is inside of them. in san francisco, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> we are learning new details about a series of water bottle throwing incidents in western sonoma county. "the press democrat" reports the owner of the truck believed to have been involved has come forward, but investigators don't think the owner was responsible for the attacks. they say it may have been the
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work of juveniles who were the ones driving the truck. there's been six confirmed instances of someone throwing water bottles at the windshields of moving cars near santa rosa. funeral services will be held tomorrow for two highway patrol officers killed near fresno. officers juan gonzales and brian long will be honored at a ceremony in fresno. governor jerry brown is expected to attend. nthe officers were responding to an accident on highway 99 in southern fresno county when they veered off the road. their vehicle flipped over, killing both officers. investigators say the two officers were apparently trying to avoid hit as pedestrian involved in the original accident. >> good news for drought-stricken california. more rain is on the way. wet weather is expected to hit the bay area this week. and in addition, according to our media partner, the mercury
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news, forecast computer models now show promising signs of an el nino, that will likely bring significant wet weather to c. next winter. some researchers say the likelihood of an el nino hitting next winter, about 75%. up next on the abc7 sunday morning news, developing news in ukraine. the big changes following last week's violent protests, and what is still ahead for a country in limbo. here is a live look from our exploratorium cam. wild weather again today, but help for the drought, as we said, is on the way. lisa argen will all the numbers you will want to hear with her accuweather forecast in just a few.
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♪ of the besis that millions of ra composite decking at lowe's. is that millions of people will qualify for financial assistance. it's important to remember that the lower your annual income, the greater financial assistance you will receive. enroll today at >> developing news in ukraine. ukraine's newly-emboldened legislature has voted to hand the president's powers to the parliament speaker. the president has vanished and citizens have raided his
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compound. what comes next? we have the latest from kiev. >> the opulence here is what has shocked so many. a day after and the presidential retreat, there's chandeliers, luxury cars and even a zoo. >> can't believe it would exist in ukraine. >> protesters have taken full control of the capital, while the parliament voted to impeach the president. citizen militia's stand guard outside the president building preventing chaos. prime minister was released from jail works she was held for two and a half years. ♪ >> it is incredible to think that she was in prison just hours ago. she's being walked back to the capitol by an enduring crowd! >> they know she's no saint but she hears her calls to keep pushing for remove. you have removed the cancer from
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this country, she tells them. they will held fresh election necessary may of this year. >> -- what happened in the last years in the country. >> having pled the capital, the president refused to accept his dismissal, comparing this change of regime to the nazis taking power. statues of len nen stand in town square as a symbol of moscow's influence. now they are tumbling. there are days of violent clashes. they are celebrating now but they know there are still big dangers ahead. abc news. today protesters in san francisco plan to hold a demonstration to stand in solidarity with the ongoing anti-government protests in venezuela. from noon to two protesters there form a human chain across the golden gate bridge, meanwhile in venezuela,
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protesters continue to clash with riot police. tens of thousands of government opponents took to the streets yesterday, calling for the president to resolve rising crime and inflation rates or step aside. lisa argen is stepping up now to tell us what is coming up with her accuweather forecast. >> still pretty cloudy here, carolyn. we are beginning to see breaks in the overcast. the golden gate bridge, one of the spots we will look for sunshine in the next hour or so. 50 degrees. temperatures today, will they be as nice with the cloud cover? i'll let you know and tell you about the rain when we return. >> thanks, lisa. also ahead, helping the veterans. how former president george w. bush is trying to change the way people view posttraumatic stress disalready.
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>> former president george w. bush is shining a spot light this morning on post 911 veterans. former commander in chief is fight to go take the word "disorder" out of posttraumatic stress disorder. he discussed his initiative to reintegrate returning veterans into the civilian world and workforce. >> we have a problem. too many vets are unemployed. there's what we call a civilian-military divide. in other words, returning vets think one thing, the civilian
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population thinks another, and our aim is to get people to understand each other better forgot of the veteran community. >> mr. bush said ptsd is an injury, not a disorder, and the goal is to change the dialogue to get more vets hired. >> well, the countdown to rein in the bay area is on. it's coming just three days from now on wednesday. you can track it on your smartphone anytime with the abc7 news weather app. lisa argen has been busy monitoring those computer models to tell us. what do you have, lisa? >> we have a sneak-peek into march, which involves the next seven days. that's interesting. we have a lot of low clouds and they are banked up from the northern sonoma county coast through marin county, san mateo. but they are beginning to burn back. it's low-level moisture and with with that the visibility has been reduced in parts of the by area. mt. tam a pretty picture where
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temperatures have been in the upper 40s to low 50s with the blanket of clouds. once again we will see mild afternoon readings as high pressure remains in control. it's 25 in truckie. look at the snowpack. we will have a couple feet of no by this time next weekend. 52 fairfield. eye been sunny there all morning long with the sunshine in concord. it's working its way over toward livermore. and by about 10:00 most of the bay will be sunny except i think hayward, fremont and san carlos may be hanging on to a little bit of low includeddiness through the 10:00 area. look at the visibility. in the north bay if a half-mile to quarter mile. half moon bay and san jose at five miles. see san jose right now look pretty gray. but as it becomes sunny throughout the afternoon, the temperatures will respond and we will see spring like readings again today. but temperatures trim back at the coast with the stronger
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southwesterly wind out ahead of our next weather system that's cueing up off shot. it's about high pressure today tomorrow. gives way and weakens and slides to the east but remains with us for the next 48 hours. storms cueing up. you can see out in the pacific there are several of them. they have their aim on northern and central california. in fact, even southern california getting into the act. so this animation starts next wednesday when the first rain comes our way. that one about a half-inch to an inch. then we go through the weekend and that's going to bring anywhere from two to five inches of rain. so we are looking at significant rain event. maybe not as significant as last weekend, but with this one i think the south bay and the east bay will see more widespread rain and it shouldn't be focused as much in the north bay, although the coastal hills will also get the highest amounts, like usual, with that list. back to today, upper 60s to low 70s from los gatos to morgan hill. 67 in menlo park and on the
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coast. we will get sunshine. it will take a little longer and around daly city and the sunshine district we call it partly sunny. 70 in san rafael. oakland 67. almost as mild as yesterday with upper 60s from fremont. plenty of sunshine in the ran ramone valley. of the accuweather seven-day forecast, the fog is burning back within the next hour or two for everyone. we will look for more clouds on cooler. first rain half-inch to inch on wednesday. this should involve the wednesday afternoon commute. by thursday a break. this one by friday could see 50 mile-an-hour wind gusts, heavy rain at times and that could create urban and small stream flooding. we are looking at all of it coming our way by the end of the month. abc7 news has another great resource four. it's follow us on twitter for the latest weather conditions, rain or shine, video forecasts,
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spare the air alerts, power outage info and whether tweets from your favorite weather team. we are just at about two inches of rain and 20% of normal in mountain view. hang on. its coming for everyone in a few days. carolyn. >> something to clear about. thank you, lisa. up next, braving the cold bay waters and having fun. out teens help special olympics and when the polar plunge will
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. >> runs of brave he is souls gathered yesterday at the aquatic park to take a chilly plunge. [screaming] >> it was the seventh annual polar lunch and 5q run raising money for special olympics northern california. teams raised $125 each which paid for one season of sports instruction. and competition at no cost to special olympic athletes. the next polar plunge will be held march 2nd in lake tahoe. lisa, it makes me shiver just looking at that. >> certainly. and it is still cool out here with temperatures in the 40s with the fog in some of our
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valves here's the plan for the rest of the morning. the fog peels back. as it does, it reveals plenty of sunshine. but with that on shore push we will have numbers cooler at the coast with low 60s there. elsewhere look for upper 60s to return for oakland, fremont and palo alto, and low 70s make a comeback in the north bay and our east bay valley. a couple dry days before the rain comes midday wednesday. more rain friday. thank you, lisa. that's it for us. we are off a bit early this morning because of nba basketball. next, a battle between western conference powers, the clippers visit the oklahoma city thunder. the news continues now online, on twitter, facebook and on all your mobile divisions with our new abc7 news app. have a great day!
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